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Submit your story to Wagtales

Share your beautiful pet stories as a Wagtale.

Did your loved pet prove themselves smart? Have they got a trick you'd like to share? Did they do something amazing? Did they make a new friend? Did they do something really bad (but also cute)? Did you lose them (and find them again)?

Wagdale stories give the bigger picture of you, your pet and your relationship with Swanzdale. We mainly see your pets when they are ill, so it's really lovely to know how much they mean to you.

If you've got a Wagtale story to tell, simply email them to us but before you do, there are just a few guidelines below and check you are happy with what we may do with what you send.

Submission guidelines:

  • write succinctly and clearly,
  • include a picture of your pet, landscape format,
  • video is also good (either a not too large file or link),
  • send it to with the subject "Wagtale submission".

Upon receipt, we reserve the right to:

  • edit the text,
  • crop and otherwise enhance the picture,
  • decline to publish it (rare).

Assuming we publish your Wagtale, we'll send you the link so you can take a look and let all your friends know.

If, once published, you would like your Wagtale removed, email and let us know.

Seems simple enough, so let's hear your Wagtales :-)