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Puppy socialisation classes

Puppy socialisation classes
Puppy socialisation classes

The puppy socialisation classes are a great way to start your new puppy's training and build their confidence.

Classes are a 3 week pre-book able course with limited spaces available at a cost of £15 which needs to be paid for in advance.

A well socialised and trained puppy is much more likely to grow into a happy and well adjusted adult dog.

Puppies are welcome five days after first vaccination, please bring along your vaccination certificate to your 1st session, the maximum age for a puppy to start the sessions is 13 weeks of age.

Puppy Pre School is held on Monday evenings at St. Lukes Church off Scalby Road. Each puppy attends for 3 weeks to get the most out the course. The classes are great fun for the whole family (children over the age of 7 years are welcome to attend).

At the puppy pre school classes the puppies have a chance to interact with different people and meet new puppies, and also learn the basics of training. It also gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have for our staff Joanne and Jackie who run the classes.

Our classes are fun, educational and promote owner/puppy bonding.

Please ask for more information at the practice on your next visit.