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Orthopaedic surgery, in-house lab, 24 hour emergency cover
Orthopaedic surgery, in-house lab, 24 hour emergency cover

Modern Medical and Surgical Facilities

Here at Swanzdale we are able to offer modern medical and surgical facilities. These include x-ray, ultrasound (invaluable in pregnant animals and also gives us the ability to observe the inside of hearts whilst they are beating to gain invaluable insight into the heart diseases), endoscopy, ECG and full in house lab facilities. Our surgical suite also offers modern equipment, using the latest anaesthetic machines and monitoring devices, making anaesthetics and surgeries as safe as we can possibly make them.

Orthopaedic Surgery

As well as routine surgeries such as neutering animals we are able to offer a wide range of surgeries previously only available at specialist referral units. One of our team of vets has achieved a post graduate qualification in surgery (both orthopaedic and soft tissue).

We are able to perform orthopaedic surgery for fixing broken bones with bone pins, bone plates, screws and external skeletal fixators (these look like an external scaffolding with pins entering through the skin and into the bone to hold the fractures stable while they heal). We also offer various techniques for repair of ruptured cruciate ligaments (a common problem affecting the knees of dogs) including the TTA (tibial tuberosity advancement) technique which allows us to change the angles of how the bones meet in order to solve the problem, this is especially useful in larger dogs where a prosthetic ligament may not be strong enough.

Soft tissue surgery such as skin grafts, tendon repair, large lump removals, ear canal surgery and many more are all performed at the practice.

In House Laboratory

We have modern and up to date in house laboratory facilities, allowing us in many cases to get results the same day, some within seconds or minutes. This not only allows us to make a more rapid diagnosis but also allows more effective monitoring and treatment of critical patients.

Whist there is still some testing that needs to be sent to a specialist external laboratory, we are able to offer full haematology and biochemistry analysis as well as electrolyte monitoring and hormone assays.