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Nurse clinics

Under? Over? Get expert advice and help
Weight clinic
Under? Over? Get expert advice and help

What can the veterinary nurses do for you and your pets?

The nursing team at Swanzdale are here to help whereever they can, either on the phone or in person. In the surgery nurse clinics are available throughout the week. These clinics include: preventative health care advice and treatment, what to feed your pet, weight loss, dog training advice, physiotherapy, dental care, grooming and nail clipping, worming and parasite control, routine post operative checks, over 7's advice on the ageing pet and how to keep them healthy and slow down the effects of time.

While we are here to help your pets get better during illness and injury, we are also here to help keep your pets in good condition and live a long and healthy life.

Weight Clinics

Obesity can lead can lead to many conditions and decrease an animals life span.

Our FREE nurse clinics allow you to bring in your pet to discuss any weight concerns you have, whether overweight, underweight or even if you would like to discuss individual feeding requirements. We can give the advice and tailor specific plans to meet the needs of your pet.

Dental Clinics

Periodontal (gum) disease in cats and dogs is one of the most common problems seen by vets today.

The problem begins with plaque build up on the pets tooth that turns in to hard tartar surrounding the gum tissue and roots. This harbours bacteria which can enter the blood stream and cause damage to organs.

Recent studies have shown that this type of bacteria can be associated with heart, liver and kidney disease.

If you are concerned about your pets teeth, please contact the practice and arrange a free dental health check.

Nail Clipping

Dog claws grow constantly throughout life and may need to be trimmed depending on lifestyle and breed.

Dogs will naturally wear their nails down by walking on hard surfaces and through play, but inactive or older dogs will often favour softer ground so their nails do not get the same natural wear.

Therefore it is important to keep your dog's claws well trimmed at the correct length. If they become too long it can cause pain and put pressure on the toes and paws which can then lead to putting strain on the legs.