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Kanba is a Somali (a long-haired Abyssinian) cat with long term digestive problems.

We moved to Swanzdale on friends' Facebook recommendations and we are so glad we did.

The whole team is fabulous, but we've worked closely with Matt and he really couldn't have done more.

We started with a diagnosis of triaditis which has developed (or our understanding has) to IBD, and she has a gallstone, too. She gets an upset stomach at many, many foods (we've pretty much tried them all). Matt has kept in touch with the latest developments in treatment, spoken to experts and worked with us to agree treatment plans that really are the best they can be for a condition that is lifelong and incurable. This has been going on for years, Kanba is now 13 years old.

Somalies are characterful cats and as a result of the care everyone at Swanzdale has provided we've been able to enjoy many more years of a comfortable and playful Kanba. The service has genuinely been amazing, and we recommend Swanzdale at every opportunity.

Update: Kanba died recently (2017) and upon post mortem it turns out she was missing an appendix and the valve between her large and small intestine, so bugs that should be in one place could freely wander to the other. No wonder she had digestive problems, poor lass.